2020 Kimetrica / African Risk Capacity

Payout Process Evaluation in Senegal

Type d'étude: Payout Process Evaluation in Senegal

Secteur: Social Research

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The purpose of this process evaluation is to generate information and learning that ARC agency, the government of Senegal, , StartNetwork, other Member States and ARC’s partners will use for accountability and to improve the contingency planning and its implementation process with the ultimate goal to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of ARC’s payout implementation and its impact on the beneficiaries. 

Conduct Process Audit: Assess efficiency and effectiveness of GoS and StartNetwork interventions. Implementation of Final Implementation Plans (FIP)   Spot checks

Evaluate specifically: Compliance with SOPs; Implementation of FIPs; Effectiveness and Efficiency of FIP interventions; Beneficiary perceptions of delivery and outcomes; Gender inclusiveness of interventions

Kimetrica / African Risk Capacity Kimetrica / African Risk Capacity