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How to do a Tracking Study


The creation and maintenance of brand awareness is one of the most fundamental (and most valuable) goals of media advertising. Advertising can be effective if it does nothing more than create brand awareness.

These tend to be diagnostic measures.  These measures help indicate if the changes in brand awareness or market share are related to the advertising itself. For example, if brand awareness is trending up over time, and advertising awareness is trending up, then we can reasonably assume that the advertising is having positive effects. But, if brand awareness is rising while advertising awareness is declining, then one would have reason to suspect that the advertising might not be responsible for the improving brand awareness  

What messages and ideas from the advertising do consumers remember? Do the remembered messages correspond to the advertising messages that the advertising was intended to communicate?

if you include brand image rating questions in the tracking questionnaire, don’t expect to see any meaningful changes of the brand’s image in the short run.

Trial (ever tried) of the subject brand and major competitive brands is a useful measure to track. Usage of the subject brand and the major competitive brands (i.e., how often, what size package, etc.) allows market share estimates to be calculated and tracked over time.

Key demographics such as geography, age, sex, education and income should always be included. These variables are extremely valuable in analyzing tracking survey results and in defining the optimal target market for a brand.


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