Data collection methods

Data collection process

The quality control procedure

  • Quality control: QC procedure launched once the interview synchronized on our server..

GPS capture allows us to follow each device, and then control sample of jump to each place where we collect data.

With the end of the interview time, we can identify the duration of interview by target costs and performance of the group by day and place..

All interviewers will be trained on how to enter data on applications. Below some tips that we use to do the QC.

  • All versions of the phone should reflect:

After the session pilot, it may be that we make some corrections to the questionnaire, so we must update to a new version of the form on the platform. We update a new version. All interviews must be on the same page to avoid errors.


Once the investigators in the field, our team of data analysts following their deployment to ensure that they respect the process of selection of respondents.

Control the consistency of responses

  • Removal of the forms that have a high rate of missing values (more than 30%); 
  • Control similar forms (identical responses); 
  • Control of the time interval between two interviews; 
  • Follow-up of the evolution characteristic variables of the population target (Age, gender, marital status, etc…); 
  • Etc…

Silence record

Recording silences come in support of the aforementioned quality control tools. They allow to raise the presumption made on an interview following an anomaly detected. They are also very useful to ensure that investigators follow the selection process ensuring the quality of the data.