Area of Expertise

What do we offer ?

Market research and opinion poll to our corporate clients and NGOs (on their products and services, their brands, their customers, their personal…).

From these studies or of a given problem and objectives, we are able to support them in the development of marketing strategy; commercial and/or action plans

Our special feature is the proactive accompaniment. We offer our clients of one-time and/or recurring studies. From learning of the latter, we offer solutions based on the richness and diversity of our experiences.  

Our 4 areas of expertise sector

Industry and Services: Satisfaction / Loyalty

  • studies customer satisfaction 
  • Internal studies or mirror collaborator
  • Studies customer terminated or lost
  • Studies new customers
  • Notoriety and image : studies/ tracking of awareness, balance sheets or tracking of image

Medias & Entertainment: Support marketing media publishers

  • Editors : testing concepts, potential studies, tests of supplements products
  • Essays: new formulas, studies of developments of content, tests of subjects,
  • Studies «seen- read », reviews of readership, covers test
  • Agencies: advertising valuation studies, reports of campaign
  • Advertisers: advertising pre-tests, post-tests, trackers.

Consumer and distribution: accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your products

  • Tests marketing : tests de concepts / de potentiel, tests de produits, tests de pack, tests de prix, trade-off;
  • Consumer research: studies of profile/segmentation, uses and attitudes
  • Studies on the brand: screening of names, brands, competitive positioning studies, reviews of brands.
  • The product in the world of selling>> Store Check;
  • The health of their brand >> Brand Health;
  • The quality of service offered >> Mystery Shopper;
  • To propose solutions >> Idea Generation.

NGO & Institutions: Follow-up and Evaluation of project

Evaluation of results

  • The objectives and the results achieved. 
  • Quantitative approach (encrypted gap provided between the planned and realized him) 
  • Qualitative approach (difference in nature between the planned / realized)

Evaluation of effects:

  • Evaluation of effects is on the interaction between the action and the environment of the project.
  • The public concerned by the effects is wider that the target audience for action the strategies carried out by individuals and populations are often unpredictable and difficult to identify

Impact assessment :

  • Technical 
  • Economic  
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Organizational

Our types of studies.

  1. Product tests & Concepts 
  2. Satisfaction studies
  3. Simulations of market 
  4. Tests and evaluations of campaign 
  5. Medias studies
  6. Omnibus / Barometer
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation