Between disparities in access to basic services, security, resources and hopes for a better tomorrow.

A survey based on data collected by Afrobarometer and analyzed by the Dadch & co Market Research firm, has swept across a broad spectrum the situation of Senegal.

Thus the state of play of the country’s economic situation, the security problem through the management of mineral resources, transparency and freedom of expression, not to mention the level of corruption, reveals that Senegalese are divided between dissatisfaction and fear. this does not mean that they are optimistic about the future of singing.

Key results

  • On the point concerning the economic situation of the country, people are struggling to access basic services such as, electricity, water, post office, school, police station or gendarmerie.
  • The electricity grid access is weak in regions such as Sedhiou with 40%, Tambacounda 29%, Fatick 29%, Kaffrine 20% and almost nonexistent in Kédougou with 0% when Dakar and Ziguinchor are enthroned with a rate of 100%.

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