Brand Extension

  1. Complement of range: Variant of the product
  2. Range extension:
    – New form
    – Complementary product
  3. Brand extension
    – Peripheral product
    – Transfer of technological know-how
    – Transfer of the brand image

Conditions to study before a brand extension

  • Sales potential of the new adapted product
  • Risk of cannibalism of current products
  • Risk of over-extension of the brand
  • Contributions to the capital of the brand

Two degrees of extension:

  • give a specific identity to the new product: a product brand added to the mother brand (intermediate solution between the creation of a new brand and the simple extension of the existing brand)
  • give a common identity to several products by simply extending the parent brand

The judgment of typicality (Ladwein’s study)

Typicality of the product in the brand

Typicality of the brand in the product category

Conclusions :

  • On average, the brands are more representative of the product categories, as the products are themselves representative of the brands
  • No significant difference between diluted and less diluted brands
  • Consumers use brands as cognitive categories to process information

Branding / Brand Concept

Branding : set of characteristics or attributes from which consumers evaluate the brand and compare it to others.
Brand concept : characterizes the brand as a category of knowledge.

Identity Portfolio Management

  • Manage brands of current products
  • Restructure identity
    • deposit
    • Simplification
  • Modify the identity
    • Rejuvenation
    • Carry another message
    • Internationalize the brand
    • Different positioning
    • Reformulation of the product
    • Legal necessity
    • Inadequate name / product
    • Smooth transition (two names)
    • Brutal change
    • Why ?
    • How?

  • Name new products 
  • Degree of novelty of the product for the market
  • Degree of similarity extension products / original products
  • Nature of the link between the positioning of the mark and the category of original products
  • Simple form
  • Complex form (name + deposit)

  • Extension: use a current brand?
  • Create a new brand?

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