DADCH&CO Market Research Agency

“Our goal is to support our clients throughout the business creation process by providing them suitable solutions, tools, that allow to measure the marketing and commercial follow up.”

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Our sectors of activity
Services & Industry
Satisfaction and loyalty

Customer satisfaction studies, internal studies or collaborative mirror studies, terminated or lost customer studies, new customer studies

Media and Entertainment
Support to media marketing reflection

Publishers: concept tests, potential studies, product testing

High consumption and distribution
Accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your products

Marketing tests: concept / potential testing, product testing, pack testing, price testing, trade-off

NGOs AND Organizations
Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

Evaluation of results
Evaluation of the effects
Impact assessment

Why choose us?
With the tools of new technologies allowing Dadch & co to provide its customers with high added value
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Difference between Concept & Product Test
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Why do a customer satisfaction survey?
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What is Tracking Study
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