What is Customer Satisfaction Study ?

The Benefits of Satisfied Customers



The Use of Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer satisfaction research yields information that helps a company to:

Mystery Shopping Studies and Customer Satisfaction Studies, What are the differences?????


The differences Between customer Satisfaction and Mystery shopping  ?

Why Customer Satisfaction ?

Why Mystery Shopping ?


Looking after your Stakeholders                  Stakeholder Relationship  Research

Customer Retention

Two Main Avenues to Build Customer Retention

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  2. Loyalty Marketing

Though not same, they have similarities:

By Robin Clark, a renowned expert on customer retention.

Laws of Loyalty

Build staff loyalty
Near impossible to build strong customer loyalty with a staff that is in constant turnover. customers buy relationships and familiarity.

Know your loyalty stages and ensure your customers are moving through them. Customers become loyal to a company and its products and service one step at a time.

Laws of Loyalty 

“If they can do it why can’t you ?” attitude

The loyalty password is “value”. Knowing how customers experience value and then delivering on those terms is critical to building strong customer loyalty.

Laws of Loyalty

Research shows that a business is twice as likely to successfully sell to a lost customer as to a brand new prospect.

Research to address the following needs of Company to gain and sustain customers:

Research to address the following needs of Company to gain and sustain customers:



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